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 Mood Swings                         





 Hormonal Acne

 Stubborn Weight

 Irregular Periods




 Ingredients that pack a punch.


We use the body's natural ratio (40:1) of Myo-Inositol to D-Chiro inositol✌️¹

• Decreases BMI and reduces belly fat²

• Regulates menstrual cycle⁽³⁾⁽⁴⁾

• Improves insulin sensitivity⁽³⁾⁽⁴⁾

• Restores ovulation and increases progesterone and endometrial thickening⁵

• Reduces excess adrogens⁶

Scientific References






We use the most bioavailable form of magnesium (ionic magnesium citrate). This is what causes that Soul Cyster FIZZZ.

• Reduces BMI⁷

• Decreases severity of PMS symptoms⁸

• Improves insomnia⁹

Scientific References




• Enhances estrogen metabolism¹⁰

• Reduces risk of breast cancer¹¹

Scientific References



• Reduces hirsutism (male pattern hair growth/loss)¹²

• Improves Acne¹³

• Reduces PMS symptoms¹⁴

Scientific References




• Decreases insulin resistance¹⁵

• Regulates blood pressure¹⁵

• Reduces depression¹⁶

• Improves fatigue¹⁷

Scientific References




• Relieves PMS symptoms¹⁸

• Reduces depression¹⁹

• Elevates mood¹⁹

• Alleviates anxiety²⁰

Scientific References




• Reduces cravings²¹

• Improves insulin resistance²²

Scientific References



Mix one packet into approximately 2oz of hot water and let fizz. Stir until completely dissolved. Once dissolved, add an additional 6-8oz of cold or warm water, depending on preference, and enjoy with a meal. Take once per day with a meal.

We recommend starting with half a packet and gradually increasing to a full serving.


The Wynk difference.

The Wynk difference.


Yes! All of our flavors are completely unique to us, therefore the names are a bit unique too!

Voodoo Lemonade - Berry lemonade

Radical Rainbow - Candy berry mix

Bloom Berry - Blueberry mixed with a hint of rose

Polar Punch - Tastes like a blue Gatorade

Pink Stardust - Tastes like a pink Starburst

Soul Cyster was developed by two sisters with PCOS, but it also helps women who suffer from PMS/PMDD, Endometriosis and Menopause. Over 80% of women suffer from hormone imbalances and most of them don't even know it. If you experience any of the following, Soul Cyster is for you!

 •Insulin Resistance

• Excess Androgens

• Mood Swings                         

 • Anxiety

 • Fatigue

 • Bloating/Cramping                

 • Cravings                                

 • Hormonal Acne

 • Stubborn Weight

 • Irregular Periods

 • Hair-loss/Hirsutism

 • Infertility

 • Insomnia

Mix one heaping scoop into approximately 2oz of hot water and let fizz. Stir until completely dissolved. Once dissolved, add an additional 6-8oz of cold or warm water, depending on preference, and enjoy with a meal. Take two servings per day: Once in the morning or afternoon, and once in the evening.

We recommend starting with half a scoop and gradually increasing to a full serving.

Yes! Soul Cyster is considered safe to use alongside birth control. A lot of our customers see and feel amazing results when using the two together!

Yes, Soul Cyster is considered safe to take alongside Metformin — but you’ll probably notice that you won’t need to double up on both! We always recommend talking to your doctor for your specific needs, though!

For symptoms like lethargy, poor sleep, sh*tty mood, bloating, and cravings, most of our Wynk fam see and feel results within the first week! Symptoms like acne, hirsutism, weight management, and fertility usually take 2-3 months. Consistency is key, babes!

Your first month you will receive your welcome kit which includes a refillable tin in the color of your choice, a 30 day supply of Soul Cyster in the flavor of your choice, a metal scoop and some reading material. Each of the following months you will receive a refill pouch with another 30 day supply. You can can cancel, skip and swap flavors any time you'd like.

The maximum benefits of Soul Cyster are seen with continued use over 2-3 months. Having automatic shipments makes it easy for you to not miss any doses. Plus, we make it super easy to skip, reschedule and cancel your subscription any time. We also offer a 30 day happiness guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 691 reviews
Stacey Gutierrez
Something good!

I’ve been been drinking the drink for 3 1/2 weeks .. I had a cycle WITHOUT a terrible 2 day migraine or 3 AM rip me out of bed cramps .. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I have been sleeping WAY better too. Side note: I don’t drink juice or sweet drinks so I am always a little hesitant when things are flavored but this is 100% OK and I can drink it without any problem.

Erin Reed
Liking it

Only have been using it for a little over a month. Feeling better but hasn’t helped with unwanted hair

Still Holding Strong

I am starting to see small changes after month 2. Body hair growth is a bit find a I have a touch more energy, and my mood swings are definitely more regulated. I am hoping in month 3 to see the body hair continue to be slower growing, especially facial hair and continue seeing my energy boost. Haven't stepped on the scale since I started, haven't been trying to diet either, but so far my clothes don't feel any tighter, so I'm counting that as a win too! Switched from Voodoo Lemonade to Polar Punch and like it better....still mix it with something so it doesn't have the "Flintstone Vitamin" aftertaste as much, but this one is very do-able without mixing.

Kayci Jo
So far so good

Been taking this for almost a month, most of the time have noticed a bit of decreased appetite, seeing a change/ shortening of days on my period, didn’t break out this month, although it is usually minor anymore. Hoping after a few months to see a reduction of hair on my chin soon have quit carrying around tweezers constantly. I’ve got the watermelon flavor and it is ok, I went for the berry lemonade next round.

Sarah Riley

I’ve only been taking this a few days as I was using up the rest of my supplements and I can’t give an honest review until I’ve been using it for at least a month, I will say that it hasn’t made my tummy upset and it tastes lovely!

Tamra S.

Finally found a supplement that’s easy and actually helps my pcos! Thank you!

Fawn Klein
Chemical Flavor & Too Expensive

Although this contains what I need as a person with PCOS, mixing it every day is cumbersome so there should be a pill or gummie option. The drink has chemical flavor & smell. AND it's crazy expensive. Try other PCOS catered multi-vitamins.