Soul Cyster FAQ

Soul Cyster

Mix one packet into approximately 2oz of hot water and let fizz. Stir until completely dissolved. Once dissolved, add an additional 6-8oz of cold or warm water, depending on preference, and enjoy with a meal.

We recommend starting with half a packet and gradually increasing to a full serving.

Mixing with hot water is what causes the chemical reaction between the magnesium and citric acid (that's what causes it to fiz). This makes it more bioavailable than other forms of magnesium.

If you would rather mix with cold water, please wait 10-15 before consuming to allow for the chemical reaction to take place.

Some people notice a dark orange-colored pee while taking DIM. This change in color usually indicates xenoestrogens leaving the body, and is not harmful. It is important to drink enough water while taking DIM (and always!) because your body is flushing out toxins.

For symptoms like lethargy, poor sleep, sh*tty mood, bloating, and cravings, most of our Wynk fam see and feel results within the first week! Symptoms like acne, hirsutism, weight management, and fertility usually take 2-3 months. Consistency is key, babes!

Spotting while taking myo-inositol (one of Soul Cyster's main ingredients) is completely normal and is caused by the fluctuations in your hormones as your body balances itself out. It just means Soul Cyster is doing what it's supposed to! It's not putting you on a new cycle, so you can expect your period to start close to when it's supposed to.

Yes! Soul Cyster is considered safe to use alongside birth control. A lot of our customers see and feel amazing results when using the two together!

Yes, Soul Cyster is considered safe to take alongside Metformin — but you’ll probably notice that you won’t need to double up on both! We always recommend talking to your doctor for your specific needs, though!

We recommend taking a half scoop at least for the first 3-4 days. This helps get your body used to the ingredients, especially if you're new to supplements!

Yes, Soul Cyster is considered safe to take with other supplements. However, we recommend double-checking the total amounts of ingredients you’ll be consuming with your doctor to ensure you’re not overdoing it! Taking too much of a good thing isn’t always good.

The maximum benefits of Soul Cyster are seen with continued use over 2-3 months. Having automatic shipments makes it easy for you to not miss any doses. Plus, we make it super easy to skip, reschedule and cancel your subscription any time. We also offer a 30 day happiness guarantee.